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The Student Loan Advising Program For Financial Professionals


Consumers and Best Practices For Student Loan Management

The CSLP® Course For Financial Professionals

The Certified Student Loan Professional program is an online course and certification for licensed financial professionals. It helps advisors to accurately advise clients about student loan repayment within the scope of their financial goals.

Learn More About The CSLP Program

  • Four master courses
  • More than 40 hours of presentations
  • Loan analysis calculators
  • Client forms and checklists
  • Additional reference resources
  • Self Paced & viewable on tablets
  • Comprehension checks
  • CE Credits (optional)
  • Accredited program
  • Private advisor forum
  • Online support
  • Client support resources
  • Free promotion of your business
  • Be our podcast guest
  • Blog contributor & cross promotion

Student Loan Borrower Resources

We help student loan borrowers through online educational programs (webinars, blog posts, courses) that inform about good practices in loan management and the importance of using qualified professionals.

Student Loan Borrower Resources

  • No-cost borrower content provides basic information about proactive student loan management.
  • Borrowers can review detailed background information about qualified professionals to assist with their repayment planning and financial plans.
  • Free access to our problem solver tool. This provides basic direction on what actions to take in case of default or financial hardships. (not a replacement for professional guidance)
  • Student loan repayment seminars to guide borrowers in making key decisions in conjunction with their financial professional.

How We Help Financial Professionals

  • Our four-part course is offered in partnership with Humboldt State University, a member of the California State University system
  • The CSLP™ professional designation, approved as an accredited designation by FINRA, co-issued by Humboldt State University (licensure requirement, professional student loan education, competency-testing, continuing education requirement, and adherence to fiduciary standard of care).

We Help Borrowers Find Qualified Advisors

  • Providing educational resources to help consumers with student debt make the most appropriate financial decisions about loan repayment
  • Connecting consumers with qualified professionals with knowledge of financial planning, taxes, investments and student loan repayment
  • Creating national outreach programs to inform the general public about the range of student loan issues affecting the U.S. economy; avoiding student loan scams; understanding legitimate options for relief, and more about financial literacy.
CSLP Program Details

Comprehensive Programs on Student Loans

The CSLP For Financial Professionals

The CSLP Program is the leading course training financial professionals how to deliver student loan advisory services. Complete the program, earn the CSLP designation, use the continuing support year after year.

The CSLP Student Loan Course For Borrowers

Dedicated content and webinars to help borrowers to fully understand their loans and how to solve student loan problems. It doesn’t replace the need to have professional guidance, but can provide general recommendations from our team of experts.

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For student loan borrowers seeking more information, we recommend you find a CSLP through this link.

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