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The CSLP training program is one of the best that I've seen. As someone who has taken and passed the CFP, CLU, and ChFC exams, I am a firm believer in being well-trained to provide your clients with the right advice. The CSLP program is practical, interesting, and prepares participants for tackling one of the greatest concerns that today's client has--what to do about those student loans.

donald sanchez cslp

Donovan Sanchez

Skyview Planning

The biggest issue facing many of my clients and prospects is the repayment of their student loans. Until I enrolled in the CSLP program, I did not possess the ability to educate and advise them on this topic. Now that I have completed the CSLP course and certification exam, I have the specialized knowledge required to help student loan borrowers choose the best repayment option for them. Perhaps more importantly, I now understand how the various repayment options fit into more comprehensive financial plans. I can’t wait to start marketing my expertise, as I believe this skillset gives me a huge advantage over most of my peers when it comes to attracting the next generation of financial planning clients. Given the complexity of the subject matter, I was impressed with the quality of the content. In particular, the case studies were incredibly useful. There is so much information to digest, but the case studies helped me piece everything together. Overall, I am very pleased with my decision to enroll in the CSLP course and earn the designation.


Stephen W. Caplan

Neponset Valley Financial Partners

I just completed CSLA's Certified Student Loan Professional course.  I am a CPA and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, but I did not have the knowledge to properly advise my clients with significant student loan debt.  This course provided a great deal of valuable content including the various repayment plans, loan forgiveness programs, and tax issues that have helped me to properly address my client's concerns. I feel that anyone advising clients with significant student loan debt should take this course. - Patti Hughes, CFP®, CPA, MSA, CSLP

President Lake Life

Wealth Advisory Group

The CSLP courses give us the tools and in-depth education to provide clear and objective solutions to borrowers.  Mastering this information gives us a competitive edge in, as Jeremy and Ben mentioned, a very competitive market.  More importantly, this skill set empowers us to do good.  Our purpose as financial advisors is to help our clients get to where they want to be.  We simply cannot do that without helping them to tackle their biggest concern – their student loan debt.


Carli Coyne

Financial Advisor

The CSLP curriculum has given our clients and myself the confidence and certainty to build student loan repayment strategies, investment strategies, insurance strategies, and retirement planning strategies,


Jeremy Edge


With the student material, the exam, resources, technologies, software, and support of the CSLA material and team, I feel confident that I will be a major resource to clients struggling with student loan debt. It is crazy to look back on the clients I was advising prior to this designation and recognizing how my investment and insurance recommendations actually impacted their loan repayment without me even knowing at the time!


Ben Lacomis

Financial Advisor

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  • Up to 23 optional CFP CE credits upon course completion
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There is a growing demand for financial advisors to help clients who have student loans or for parents who are co-borrowers. It is unwise to consider student loans as just another debt. Clients with loans need comprehensive financial advice about how their loans integrate with their overall financial picture.

The market for professional student loan advising is substantial and underserved.

If you provide any type of financial service, it is important to understand the impact of student loans on your client. These clients face many options which can be complex and with significant financial risk. Providing accurate advice that is specifically relevant to your client is essential and ethically necessary.


Consumers need access to qualified financial professionals to assist with repayment planning and annual program reviews. The use of Income-Based Repayment plans requires periodic review and recertification to avoid unnecessary expense. Multiple IBR program choices also demand a detailed analysis based on the consumer’s financial information.


Consumers need financial advisors who can evaluate a borrower’s financial situation and future income projections to create an appropriate repayment plan. Borrowers can find it difficult to make the ideal choice because of the need to thoroughly analyze each program’s risks, rewards, and implications for their financial status. 


Consumers need more help than the government’s website and calculations because it does not fully account for current and future changes in financial positions (family additions, income changes, marital status, business activities). Financial advisors are more qualified for this type of advice vs. loan servicer employees who are not permitted or qualified to provide financial advice. 

For these reasons, the CSLP program was created to help financial advisors (CFP, CFA, Registered Investment Advisors, CPA, etc.) and other industry professionals understand the complexity of a student loan borrower’s challenges and provide a higher quality of direction when considering student loan repayment.

The CSLP courses are a robust training system to inform financial advisors how to identify, assist and incorporate student loan repayment into the financial plans of today’s graduates.



The Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP) program was created to help the financial service community in their quest to deliver the highest quality advice regarding student loan repayment strategies.

Our Beliefs

1 – Consumers need to understand that there is a growing industry targeting student loan borrowers proposing fast consolidations with exorbitant or unnecessary fees for services that could be self-completed. Many of these companies are often run by staff solely focused on selling one thing regardless of the client’s need. The recommendations provided can be seriously detrimental causing unnecessary delays in completing repayment and excessively high costs.

2 – Consumers should seek the advice of a qualified financial advisor who works as a financial planner, tax advisor, or accountant and who can demonstrate their knowledge of student loan programs. Consumers should avoid making assumptions about their loan programs without thoroughly investigating programs and the long-term implications of their choices. This is ideally done with a qualified financial professional.

3 – Working with the government website and loan servicing companies can be confusing. Employees of loan servicing companies do not provide financial advice nor are they qualified to fully assess a borrower’s total financial picture. They cannot effectively recommend a program without full knowledge of a borrower’s present and projected financial situation.

For these reasons, the CSLA was created to help financial advisors (CFP, CFA, Registered Investment Advisors, CPA, etc.) and other industry professionals understand the complexity of a student loan borrower’s challenges and provide a higher quality of advice regarding student loan repayment and forgiveness.

Our Primary Goals

One of our key initiatives is to expand the knowledge of student loan repayment strategies to the broader financial service community including CPA’s, CFP’s, Investment Advisors, Enrolled Agents and other financial professionals who are likely to encounter clients with student loans.

We seek to establish a higher level of professionalism and expertise around student loan advising to assist student loan borrowers so that they will know what to look for, and what to avoid when seeking student loan help.

Positioning Financial Advisors To Help

The CSLA Board of Standards believes that trained financial advisors are best suited to assist borrowers with their decisions about loan repayment options. We recommend that consumers seek professional financial advisors who actively work in practices that include tax, business, and retirement planning advice into a comprehensive financial plan that incorporates successful management of student loans.


  • Comparing and contrasting various federal repayment options
  • How to conduct a comprehensive advising session
  • Five in-depth case studies.
  • Recognizing and resolving student loan defaults
  • Key considerations regarding the home mortgage and Income-Driven Repayment plans
  • Calculating payments and understanding interest accrual and capitalization in IDR plans
  • Screening for loan discharge options
  • How to enroll clients and complete the annual documentation of income
  • IDR plan analysis: determining the best plan for specific circumstances
  • IDR plans and the financial planning process
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