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Courses for Financial Professionals on Student Loan Advising & Repayment Planning

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Create client-focused financial plans that incorporate smarter student loan repayment


Advising Presentations

Self-paced audio-visual presentations on topics such as the integration of student debt and the financial planning process, how to accurately advise clients, analyzing complex loan scenarios, and how to create consistent recurring client engagement.

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This program empowers your practice to offer advanced assistance to clients repaying student debt. You’ll learn the common mistakes to avoid and how to create life-long clients.

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Resource Library

The CSLP Program includes supplemental resources that assist the student loan advising process. Each module contains related documents, related loan forms for clients, and checklists. The library and course modules are regularly updated.

The CSLP Program

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Continual Training and Support

Hyperfocused modules on all the topics you need to accurately advise clients on the best approach to repaying their student loan debt.

Each module contains audio, video, comprehension quizzes and support documents to help you make the best client recommendations.

The duration of each module varies between 20 and 70 minutes. Watch and listen at your own pace. Resume where you left off.

The Case Studies help solidify the information in the lessons into practical examples of how an advisor would work with a client.

These are actual cases (with names changed) of a variety of complex client situations. Each begins with a description of the situation and is followed by their goals, and concluded with recommendations.

Every case provides detailed explanations on why certain options are not possible and why the recommendation is desirable. This approach helps you accelerate your path to an efficient advising process.

Complete the program and receive CE Credits. You’ll gain advanced knowledge and as a bonus receive up to two years worth of CE requirements. (CPA and CFP). 

There’s no better way to spend your time building your practice than through this program.

The knowledge, the student loan advising process, and the completion of required CE credits is a powerful combination of investment in your business.

By completing the program you’ll become a part of a highly specialized group of financial advisors who have demonstrated advanced knowledge of student loan repayment planning.

CSLP advisors are increasingly sought after by consumers who want advice on student loan repayment AND financial planning.  They are searching for qualified professional financial advisors who can help them with their best options for repayment within the scope of their financial goals.

The CSLP Program is an ongoing program that provides you with the resources to stay informed and provide support to your clients.

You’ll maintain your certification annually through a simple renewal process.

We’ll keep you on the public list of CSLP advisors. And you will continue to receive program content updates and the support necessary to deliver the latest, most accurate information to your clients. 

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Case Studies

Each case is an illustration of the type of client you may expect. For example: a married couple, both with multiple loans; a business owner with loans; a young professional with seeking an MBA and more debt; a couple working in healthcare, both with loans.


When is consolidation appropriate – or needed to accomplish a specific goal? What are the impacts of consolidation and how can it affect future repayment costs? Avoiding consolidation mills.

Comprehensive guide to income based repayment

Multiple forms of IBR have evolved over the past ten years. Understanding the details and impacts of each program. New versions such as PAYE and REPAYE may or may not be a good choice for clients. Learn why.

Mortgages and Student Debt

For many, student debt prevents a home purchase or refinance. We’ve added a module that explains what CFP and Tax advisors should know to help borrowers achieve homeownership and make it affordable.

Federal Vs. Private Loans

There is a substantial difference in these loan programs. Many advertisements suggest that private refinancing is a good option. Know the differences and impacts on a client’s loans. Private financing may have lower interest costs for some borrowers but important Federal benefits may be worth the higher cost.

An advising framework

An outline of how to get started using a structured approach to fact-finding and client advising. Many data points need to be evaluated in conjunction with an understanding of the different loan programs. Some clients may have older repayment plans that are not currently offered but active.

Loan Forgiveness

There are multiple approaches to forgiven student debt. A review of the automatic forgiveness provisions, public service options and the conditions of each.

Deferments and Hardships

A review of the variety of loan deferment options and what constitutes a financial hardship. Identification of the associated rules and costs.

Bankruptcy and student debt

There are some cases where loans may be discharged.

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Our goal is to improve the lives of consumers with student debt by helping them create holistic financial plans that encompass smarter ways to repay their loans. We achieve this by providing advanced student loan education programs to financial planners and advisors.

Jantz HoffmanCEO of CSLA Board of Standards
Did you know that

There are over 45 million consumers repaying student debt?

There is a growing demand for financial advisors to help clients who have student loans or for parents who are co-borrowers. It is unwise to consider student loans as just another debt. Clients with loans need comprehensive financial advice about how their loans integrate with their overall financial picture.

The market for professional student loan advising is substantial and underserved.

If you provide any type of financial service, it is important to understand the impact of student loans on your client. These clients face many options which can be complex and with significant financial risk. Providing accurate advice that is specifically relevant to your client is essential and ethically necessary.

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