Our Mission

The impact of student debt reaches into nearly every aspect of a family’s finances. Student loan borrowers need a reliable way of identifying whether financial advisors are knowledgeable about student loans.

Our mission is to benefit the public by building a network of dedicated, competency-tested, licensed, and vetted financial and tax advisors delivering student loan guidance with the duty of care of a fiduciary.

Together we can improve the financial security of student loan borrowers, promote fairness within the broken student-loan system, and advocate for change for the benefit of future generations.

Additionally, we focus on delivering information to borrowers to make informed choices about the optimal management of their loans.

CSLP Mission statement

CSLP® For Financial Professionals

The Certified Student Loan Professional program is a structured online program for licensed financial professionals. The goal of the program is to provide training for financial advisors where they can competently advise clients about student loan repayment in the context of a comprehensive financial plan.

The CSLP® program curriculum consists of 4 primary courses with multiple sub-modules. It is self-paced, and participants are expected to complete the program in less than 6 months. Upon certification, advisors are admitted to the community support network connect connects with other CSLPs.

The CSLP Program

Student Loan Borrower Resources

In support of the mission of the organization and its certification and training programs, the Board of Standards is committed to informing the public, specifically student loan borrowers, of the importance of using qualified professionals to advise about their student loan repayment plans.

We provide a variety of educational topics (video, audio, reports) to help student loan borrowers make better choices in how to repay their debt and choose an appropriate advisor if desired.

Borrower Resources

Our History

The CSLP designation is the culmination of more than 25 years of assisting financial planners and borrowers with incorporating student loan repayment into the financial plans. The roots of the designation date back to 2005 and the basis for the content was has been found in training seminars for registered advisor representatives across the US since 2010.

In 2016, the Board was created with the mission of elevating the level of advice provided to those struggling with student debt. Creating the Board allowed for an issuing body to insure those with student loans were being serviced in an ethical and professional manner, while also creating an identifiable credential that could be recognized by those seeking financial assistance with student loan repayment.

Student Loan Borrower Advocacy

The advocacy program as the following goals:

  • Providing educational resources to help consumers with student debt make the most appropriate financial decisions about loan repayment
  • Connecting consumers with qualified professionals with knowledge of financial planning, taxes, investments and student loan repayment
  • Creating national outreach programs to inform the general public about the range of student loan issues affecting the U.S. economy; avoiding student loan scams; understanding legitimate options for relief, and more about financial literacy.

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For Financial Professionals

Financial professionals can learn more about the CSLP program and becoming certified to deliver specialized services to clients with student loans.

For consumers with student debt

Consumers can learn more about how to choose the most appropriate advisor for their financial needs and tips on making smarter decisions around student loan repayment.

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