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The mismanagement of the TEACH grant program

The Teach program was established to encourage teachers to work in critically important teaching positions. Under the program, teachers can receive grant funding, but the grant is converted to a federal loan if the teacher does...
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The CSLP Advising Process

A student loan advising story

Decision points in your financial practice It’s Thursday evening, 6:30 PM and you are awaiting the arrival of your two prospective clients, an engaged couple Josh and Cynthia (fictitious names). Josh is a nurse at...
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Participants Receive HSU Credits

NEW RELATIONSHIP WITH HUMBOLDT STATE We are pleased to announce a new relationship with Humboldt State University, part of the California State University System. HSU has agreed to offer the Certified Student Loan Professional curriculum...
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Heather Jarvis

New Board & Faculty Announcement

The CSLA Board of Standards is pleased to announce the addition of Heather Jarvis to the Board of Directors who is also joining the CSLA Faculty.
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Renee M Snow Joins CSLA Board

The CSLA Board of Standards is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Renée Snow to the Board of Directors. Dr. Snow is an associate professor at Sofia University where she teaches Transpersonal Finance
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Fannie Mae & Mortgage Qualification

On April 25th Fannie Mae released 3 new policies that will affect student loan borrowers. The CSLA BOS was pleased to see that Fannie Mae recognizes the negative impact student debt has on the finances...
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Student Loans and the Trump Presidency

The new administration in Washington may bring changes in how student debt is treated. This post is the first in a series of discussing potential changes to student loans and repayment.
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Annual Docs

Every borrower in an income-based repayment program must file proof of income to continue participation.
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Tax Filing

The tax filing status affects a client’s loan repayment strategy. The combination of tax filing and whether or not a spouse has student loans can also be an influencing factor.
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