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About the CSLA Institute

Student loan planning and advising

The Solution for Delivering Student Loan Guidance

We are focused on assisting advisors and client borrowers in making the best decisions about their student loans.

The repayment rules have only increased in complexity over the last decade, causing confusion among everyone. One of the primary reasons the CSLP® Program was created was to help financial professionals and their clients get the most up-to-date and accurate information about student loan programs.

Since student debt is one of the largest obligations one might have, we believe it's wise to consult with a financial professional who understands the repayment options available and how to create a customized strategy.

The person you choose should also be a personal finance expert, such as a financial planner (CFP®), CPA, or other FINRA-recognized financial designation. 

Jantz Hoffman, MBA

Since 2010, Jantz has been assisting student loan borrowers and financial advisors to understand the nuances of loan repayment. Over the years, he has consulted with thousands of independent advisory firms and individuals to help solve complex repayment situations. Through his experience and awareness of the growing challenges student loan borrowers face, the need to address the knowledge gaps in the financial advisory community became obvious.

Mr. Hoffman is a Registered Investment Advisor and has been assisting clients with student debt since 2010. He has appeared on PBS Nightly Business Report and been cited in the NY Times as well as other publications as an expert in student loan repayment. Mr. Hoffman was the managing partner of Delta Capital, a commodities trading advisor, and has worked for several hedge funds. Mr. Hoffman received a bachelor’s degree from Humboldt State University and a master’s degree in business from Colorado State University.
Jantz Hoffman, Student Loan Expert, CSLP, MBA
Heather Jarvis

Heather Jarvis, J.D.

Heather Jarvis is an attorney and a nationally recognized expert specializing in student loan law. She has provided award-winning student loan education and consultation for universities, associations and professional advisors and is sought after for her sophisticated knowledge and accessible teaching style.

Heather has practiced public interest law for more than a dozen years. Beginning in 2005, Heather focused her advocacy work on reducing the financial barriers to practicing public interest law.

Heather has contributed to student debt relief policy for the House Education Committee and others in Congress, and has dedicated her professional efforts to advancing public service loan forgiveness which allows recent graduates to dedicate their careers to the greater good. Heather leads efforts to establish and expand student debt relief programs and to inform borrowers, schools, and employers about how to benefit from available debt relief programs.

Widely recognized by school professionals and media representatives as an expert source of information, Heather has trained thousands of students and professionals and is sought after for her sophisticated legal knowledge and accessible teaching style.

Larry Taylor, Ph.D.

Larry’s blend of experience intersects digital marketing, SAAS technology, and consumer psychology. Over the years, he has led numerous digital marketing initiatives in the financial service and healthcare industries.

As an application technology architect, he has orchestrated the development of complex digital marketing and e-learning solutions. He is responsible for the ongoing development and management of the organization's learning management system and marketing system operations.

His doctoral research was focused on the metrics of trust in online behavior. He holds a Masters and Ph.D. in Psychology with a special emphasis in digital media.

History of the CSLP Program

The program is the culmination of more than 25 years of assisting financial planners and student loan borrowers.

Our priority is to educate financial professionals and borrowers that student loan repayment should be carefully integrated into personal financial plans, regardless of size.

The origin of the program date back to 2010 where the basis for the original course concept was evaluated in national training seminars for registered advisor representatives.

In 2016, the CSLA Institute and Board of Standards was formally created with the mission of elevating the level of advice financial professionals provide to the public about student loan repayment.

In 2019, the CSLA Board entered in to a relationship with Cal Poly Humboldt to offer the program through their Extended Education Program.

Shortly thereafter, we received approval from the CFP® Board to issue CE Credits for completion of the CSLP® designation.
CSLA Board of Standards History
The CSLP Network of Student Loan Advisors

A Network of Certified Student Loan Advisors

The CSLP network consists of dedicated, competency-tested, licensed, and vetted financial and advisors delivering student loan guidance.

Through well-qualified financial advisors, it can be possible to improve the financial security of the student loan borrowers, promote fairness in the system, and advocating for borrower-friendly change.

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