Board of Standards


Our team is dedicated to providing quality programs and information to both financial advisors and consumers with student loans.

About The Institute

The CSLP Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct are fundamental to the values of the CSLP designation and essential to achieving its mission to help student loan borrowers and financial professionals become fully informed about strategies, risks, and rewards associated with the variety of student loan repayment options.

Since the creation of the CSLP, the Code of Standards have promoted the integrity of the CLSP designation and served as a model for measuring the ethics of financial professionals providing student loan repayment advice.

All CSLP candidates and designees must abide by the Code of Standards. Violations may result in sanction by the Board. Sanctions may include revocation of candidacy or of the right to use the CSLP designation.

CSLP Program

The Student Loan Problem

Student loan borrowers are inundated with advertisements from refinancing lenders and unscrupulous “debt-relief” companies. 

Borrowers experience loan servicing failures including application processing delays, inaccurate application denials, improper allocation of payments, and lost or misdirected paperwork.

The student loan repayment system is complicated and confusing.

College financial aid offices fail to clarify the impact of their student loan debt.

Too many financial advisors don’t fully understand the nuances of repayment and forgiveness programs and may be making costly mistakes.

Institute History

The CSLP designation is the culmination of more than 25 years of assisting financial planners and borrowers on how to incorporate student loan repayment into their financial plans.

The roots of the designation date back to 2005 where the basis for the content was evaluated in national training seminars for registered advisor representatives starting in 2010.

In 2016, the Board was created with the mission of elevating the level of advice from financial professionals about student loan repayment.

The organization’s priority was to have an identifiable credential that could be recognized by those seeking financial assistance with student loan repayment.

The CSLP Network of Advisors

Student loan borrowers need a reliable way of identifying whether financial advisors are knowledgeable about student loans. The impact of student debt reaches into nearly every aspect of a borrowers finances.

We are growing a network of dedicated, competency-tested, licensed, and vetted financial and tax advisors delivering student loan guidance with the duty of care of a fiduciary.

We believe that well-qualified financial advisors can improve the financial security of the student loan borrowers they represent, promote fairness in the system, and advocate for borrower-friendly change.


Larry’s unique blend of experience intersects digital marketing, technology, and psychology. He has successfully led numerous digital marketing initiatives in financial service and healthcare companies. His extensive expertise spans areas including software development, behavioral research in social media.

Chairman & CEO

Since 2010, Jantz has been assisting student loan borrowers and financial advisors to understand the nuances of loan repayment. Over the years, he has consulted with thousands of independent advisory firms and individuals to help solve complex repayment situations.
Heather Jarvis

Director of Instruction, Board Member

Heather Jarvis is an attorney and a nationally recognized expert specializing in student loan law. She has provided award-winning student loan education and consultation for universities, associations and professional advisors and is sought after for her sophisticated knowledge and accessible teaching style.