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The CSLP Podcast

The CSLP podcast is an indispensable resource whether you are a seasoned financial advisor or consumer with student loans. It’s tone of the tools from the CSLA Board of Standards to help financial advisors and their clients navigate the intricacies of student loan repayment.

Updates on the PSLF rule changes

Topics Discussed:

  • PSLF rule changes for borrowers in seeking loan forgiveness. How to apply for additional payment credits.

  • How to prepare for a possible loan servicer change.

  • Recommendations for financial advisors and their clients with student loans.

Jantz Hoffman & Heather Jarvis provide an update current events affecting student loan borrowers.​

Topics Discussed:

  • Latest on the CARES Act implementation.

  • Changing loan servicers

  • The Sanders/Biden proposal from their joint taskforce

Jantz Hoffman & Heather Jarvis are joined by Chris Robinson, Financial Planner and CSLP.

Topics include:

  • Client communication how to help them understand the need for a financial plan incorporating their student debt.

  • Why it’s best to get all of your financial information about student loans from a qualified professional who is working with you on a master plan.

  • The problems associated with using third party companies to provide student loan advice.

Jantz Hoffman & Heather Jarvis discuss the recent CARES legislation and how it impacts borrowers and what financial advisors need to know.​

Ryan Frailich, CFP, on advising strategies for clients on income based repayment, public service loan forgiveness, and loan servicers.​

Jantz & Heather discuss the DOE and recent issues noted in Government Accountability Office reports.

Carli Coyne, Financial advisor & CSLP on how she is growing her practice targeting student loan borrowers​

Patti Hughes, CFP, CPA, MSA, CSLP discusses how she helps clients with complex student loan repayment scenarios.​

How a financial advisor accelerated the growth of her new practice.​

David Hessel, Financial Advisor, Changing lives through holistic planning that includes student debt management.​

A CPA talks about the mistakes tax advisors can make when working with clients who have student debt.​

The problem of student loan debt and financial advising with Heather Jarvis, JD​

Advising student debt repayment when clients temporarily lose income​

The Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP) program for financial advisors​

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