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What Clients Say About The CSLP Program

Choosing to get my CSLP® was one of my best decisions. I had been helping clients with student loans for about 4 years before I knew about the CSLP program and I thought I pretty much knew it all. Not even close! I learned so much from this program and it has helped me to help so many more people. I have gained many new clients who found me by searching the database on the website. This certification has been a game changer and highly recommend it to all advisors. It does not matter what type of client you work with, almost everyone has a student loan, a child with a loan or a friend with a loan. This definitely brings value to the relationship.
Jennifer Prosise,
Jennifer Prosise
The CSLP® program helped me understand all the complexities of student loans, and more importantly, how to tie them all together. By taking a systematic, scaffolded approach, I was able to go from the basic knowledge I had, to the incredibly complicated scenarios we so often see. This has put me in a position to help millions of clients who are often seeking student loan advice and find there aren't enough advisors with the expertise to help them. I'm extremely happy with the training and the ongoing updates, and would recommend it to anyone who seeks to serve clients who have student loans.
Ryan Frailich
Ryan Frailich, CFP
My business is primarily working with physicians. Roughly 2 years ago I started getting referred to many doctors in residency and newly practicing. I realized quickly I did not have the knowledge or resources to assist them with their #1 concern, dealing with their student loans. That is when I found the CSLP®. This program has not only given me the knowledge, but also the resources and community to help my clients navigate the complexities of student loans.
Logan Varella
Logan Varella
The CSLP® courses give us tools and in-depth education to provide clear and objective solutions to borrowers. Mastering this information gives us a competitive edge in a very competitive market. More importantly, this skill set empowers us to do good. Our purpose as financial advisors is to help our clients get to where they want to be. We simply cannot do that without helping them to tackle their biggest concern – their student loan debt.
Patricia Hughes
With the student material, the exam, resources, technologies, software, and support of the CSLP® material and team, I feel confident that I will be a major resource to clients struggling with student loan debt. It is crazy to look back on the clients I was advising prior to this designation and recognizing how my investment and insurance recommendations actually impacted their loan repayment without me even knowing at the time!
Carli Reddy
Financial Advisor
Too much student debt can really dim your future outlook. Having a process to handle it is super important. It all starts with knowing the rules.
Get your CSLP designation. Learn it, apply it! Help people bring their lives back together again. You will never regret the journey.
Bonnie Yam
Bonnie Yam, CFP, CPA, CSLP
My two years in the CSLP® program have been extremely beneficial to my career. This program helped me develop the skills needed to assist clients and prospects with student loans. In addition, the program does a fantastic job providing resources (seeing the student loan landscape is ever evolving) along with an online community that is very supportive and insightful. Everybody is eager to learn and help! Highly recommend this program if you are assisting any clients with student loans.
Melissa Dotson
Melissa Dotson
I thought I had an above average knowledge of the student loan landscape, but I was VERY mistaken. This 4-part course goes into more detail than I could have ever imagined. Benefits of the course include: learning the history behind the various regulations and repayment plan options, understanding how to qualify for various types of forgiveness, and being able to apply the information to various real-life case studies. The final exam is tough, but once completed, you will have the knowledge and confidence to better advise your clients with student loan balances. This course should really be mandatory for anyone who regularly works with clients who have large student loan balances!
Mary Rush
Mary Rush, CFP, CSLP
The CSLP® program was the most complete, most efficient way for me to gain a deep knowledge of the complexities of the student loan environment. As a practitioner, the valuable CSLP advisor community helps me stay current with constantly changing rules, and to tap the broader community experience for unique scenarios that aren't in the playbook.
Jeff McDermott
Jeff McDermott
The CSLP® program enabled me to dramatically increase my knowledge of student loan planning. It has allowed me to effectively deliver student loan planning advice to clients and my friends. Since I finished the program, I've found the CSLA community forum to be indispensable in helping me when I didn't have the answer. I believe you need to obtain your education from the CSLA Institute in order to be able to deliver top-notch student loan planning advice to those you serve.
Jason Pollen
Jason Pollens
The CSLP® program has helped give me the confidence and competence to navigate my clients' unique student loan situations to find the best possible options in each case. The CSLP community has also been an amazing resource to help me keep up as changes are made to student loan programs.
Cal Treichler
Cal Treichler, CFP, CSLP
The CSLP® program has been a tremendous asset to my practice and knowledge base. It has helped me to grow my practice and gain credibility with my ideal client base. It is amazing how a good student loan plan as well as a good financial plan, can fit together to achieve a common goal for a client.
The program, calculator, and team are second to none in this space. Always improving and growing.
More advisors should consider understanding the ever-changing student loan space to help people navigate them. There is so much opportunity to help clients with student loans out there, we need more CSLPs.
David Hessel

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