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Why Get The CSLP?

It helps you deliver accurate advice and build holistic financial plans that include student loan repayment plans.

Selected Topics

Client Scenario Case Reviews

Private Student Loans

Discharges and Defaults

Consolidation Considerations

Calculations and Comparisons

Pay As You Earn Program

Revised PAYE Program

Income Contingent Repayment

Married Couples With Loans

Additional Resources

Client-Facing Docs & Forms

Advisor PDFs

Audio Visual Presentations

Knowledge Checks

Support Forum

Digital Certification

Member Database

Business Development Kit (TBD)

Selected Topics

“Old” and “New” IDR Programs

Dual-Earner Considerations

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Deferments and Hardship

Tax implications of IDR plans

Payment, Interest, Capitalization

Bankruptcy and Loan Forgiveness

Mortgage Qualification and IDR

Advising as part of the financial planning process