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CSLP® Program Content

The financial professional's guide for learning student loan advising

CSLP Program Details

The CSLP Program (Certified Student Loan Professional) is a professional education program specializing in student loan advising and planning.

The program was created to supplement the traditional training that CFPs and CPAs do not receive about the mechanics of student loan programs and repayment planning.
  • Four self-paced modules
  • Over 100 individual lesson topics
  • Module Certification exams
  • Final Exam Practice Tests
  • Student Loan Terms Glossary
  • Post graduate support community
  • Resources to assist with casework
  • Low annual renewal fee for lifetime access
  • Fully online for 24/7 access
  • Take the final exam on your time 24/7
  • Digital Certificates to show your credentials
  • Auto Reminders of renewals & new information
  • CE CFP Credits for completion

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Program Content Highlights

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Program Core Courses

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CSLP 100

Introduction to Student Loan Repayment

This module provides an introduction to student loan repayment programs and the basics that borrowers and advisors should understand in the repayment decision process. An extensive terminology directory is included.
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Advanced Student Loan Repayment

This course provides additional information about each of the repayment programs and how student loan borrowers are affected by entry or exit from the programs, cost impacts, and forgiveness effects. Also, coverage on Direct Loan Consolidations.
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CSLP 300

Advanced Student Loan Advising for Professionals

This module in the CSLP Program covers areas around tax and financial planning for student loan borrowers in different employment typtes such as medical, dental, nursing, and others. Grant programs for each are also covered.
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CSLP Program Advanced Student Loan Advising Case Studies

This module presents a series of student loan cases scenarios which can help the advisor understand the advising process using specific examples. Includes use of the CSLA Analysis tool as way of explanation to the client.
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The following examples illustrate some of the key components of how the CSLP Programs helps new advisors get started. The easy course navigation allows more advanced users to quickly skip to any section.

Inside the Learning Management System

The CSLP Learning Management System (LMS) contains rich, informative presentations on all the topics you need to know to succeed as a student loan advisor.

The left-side navigation allows access to any of the topics inside a course module.

You can proceed through at your own pace and jump across the module and individual courses CSLP 100,200,300,400)
CSLP Program Subsidized Borrowing limits

Tools for Student Loan Analysis

Create multiple scenarios using client loan data to model various repaymennt plans. Use this as a tool show the breakdown of their best option.
CSLP Program Analysis tool

Course Content Section Samples

Checklists and helpful information gets you started on the process of advising clients.

The Case Studies also take you through numerous new client advising sessions from data acquisition through the entire analysis and recommendation phases.
Student loan advisor tools

Example of Profession Specific Advising Module

Professions such as Teachers, MDs, Nurses, Attorneys, Dentists, and Business Owners have some unique options when managing student debt.

There are special relief programs and also grants available for these professionals.
How to advise MD about student loans

Tests for Understanding

Periodically, scenarios are presented followed by knowledge checks.

Each master module also contains an exam at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cal Poly Humboldt

Cal Poly Humboldt is our academic partner

The CSLP® program is also provided through the Extended Education program. Cal Poly Humboldt is part of the California State University system. CSLP® Program students who successfully complete the comprehensive exam also receive an additional certificate in Student Loan Planning plus university academic credit.

Approved for CE Credits

CFP® Board Approved

Completion of the CSLP program includes CE Credits when passing the comprehensive exam. For most CPAs the CSLP certificate program will provide 60 hours of CPE credits for the 4 units college credit earned.  There is no additional fee for this credit.

Check your state regulations here to determine the availability of CPE credits for the CSLP coursework.

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