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For greatest benefit to your practice, choose the full bundle of the four courses which includes the CSLP Designation exam. You can also purchase individually.

CSLP 100 Student loan repayment planning

CSLP 100 – Introduction to Student Loan Repayment

$ 450
  • The impact of debt and borrowing on education and program selection
  • Analysis of the cost of student loan borrower – on consumers and educational institutions
  • Basic considerations of student loan debt vs. conventional consumer debt
  • Federal repayment plans, participation rules, mechanics, interest, and term guidelines
  • Income based repayment plans and how they differ from traditional time based programs
  • Public service loan forgiveness programs, qualifying rules, and issues to avoid
  • Student loan consolidations and public/private refinancing
CSLP 200 Advanced Student loan repayment plans

CSLP 200 – IDR Repayment Plans

$ 450
  • In-depth examination of IDR Plans
  • Review past and present participation rules
  • Cost comparisons for IDR Plans
  • Differences in interest and payment credit
  • Consolidation positive and negative impact
  • Deferment and forbearance rules
  • Calculating client options & comparisons
CSLP 300 Student loan repayment for medical, legal, and business professionals

CSLP 300 – Repayment in Tax & Financial Planning

$ 450
  • Tax considerations, credits and deductions
  • Student loan management in community property states
  • The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and its implication on student loans
  • Student loans and home mortgages
  • Employee student loan benefit programs and the financial advisor
  • Income driven repayment programs and the Direct loan consolidation
  • Financial planning and retirement with student debt
  • Financial planning and the use of insurance programs
  • Best practices for helping clients with student loan servicer issues
CSLP 400 - student loan repayment plan case analysis

CSLP 400 – Advising Case Studies

$ 450
  • Over 7 hours of detailed presentations on example cases
  • Profession specific presentations on advising health care professionals, attorneys, teachers, and business owners
  • Specific case examples of various income levels, family status, and loan status
  • An extensive CSLP Exam Prep module & practice test

CSLP Annual Renewal For Existing Designees

$ 225
  • Annual Renewal Exam & Fee
  • Certifies compliance met
  • Continual participation in CSLP Directory
  • NOTE: Upon payment, you will receive a link for the exam. You will have 30 days to renew. Past due renewals will include a late fee.
CSLP Complete Program Bundle

Complete CSLP Program Bundle

$ 1495
  • The most comprehensive resource for professional financial advisors who want to make the best decisions for their clients.
  • The CSLP program is the only training program on student loan advising that is aligned with an accredited university.
  • After you complete your designation (CSLP) you have ongoing access to a support community and any new/updated content.