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Meagan Landress

Meagan McGuire

Languages: English
My financial coaching process is specifically designed for individuals starting their financial planning journey with student debt in the mix.

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PO Box 4206
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City: Canton
State: GA
Zipcode: 30114
Business Name:
SLP Wealth

Business Information

I founded The Post-Grad Financial Framework, a 5-step Money Method to help professionals with 6-figures of student loan debt implement a plan to pay off debt AND save so they can optimize their income.

I have found that my process works best for these two groups of people:

1. Professionals who feel paralyzed by their massive student loans and have a hard time understanding how they can possibly manage their finances with this much debt.

2. Professionals with 6 figures of student loan debt who will have big income jumps throughout the beginning of their career (residency, fellowship, partnership) and want to know what to do with that higher income.

Why I’m Different:

– I’ve advised on $375M of student loan debt outstanding for 2000+ clients (and counting). Student loan repayment planning is my bread & butter.

– I teach you how to build a healthy financial foundation from the ground up: The stuff investment advisors skip over (budgeting, emergency savings, debt, student loans, credit).

– I’ll teach you how to develop healthy money habits to help you stick to your financial goals.

Starting off your career with 6-figures of debt warrants some specialized attention and my 5-step Money Method proves there IS a way to save AND pay off debt: That’s how “The Post-Grad Financial Framework” was born!

Focus Areas:
Student loans, Budget & debt management
FINRA CRD #6367566
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GA License #2943761

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