Continuing Education and Recertification Policy

Student loan rules are subject to change. For this reason, advisors must regularly update their knowledge of legislative and regulatory actions affecting student loan programs.  The CSLA Board of Standards believes continuing education plays an important role in ensuring that the public is getting accurate advice and support regarding their student loan repayment options. For this reason, the CSLA Board of Standards requires its designees to annually complete continuing education and demonstrate current knowledge of student loan policies, procedures, and best practices.

Initial Reporting Period

The CSLP designation is conferred for renewable 12-month periods following extensive mandatory education and a comprehensive examination.  After the initial 12-month certification period, to renew the right to use the CSLP designation, all CSLP designees must complete continuing education and pass a recertification examination. These annual CE and recertification examination requirements must be fulfilled within 6 months of expiration of the 12-month CSLP designation period.  If an advisor does not complete the CE and recertification requirements within 6 months of expiration, the advisor must begin the certification process again.

Continuing Education Procedure

The CSLP designation denotes specialized knowledge of student loans within the context of financial and tax planning.  The scope of changes affecting student loans, tax, and financial planning will determine how much CE is required in a particular year. Designees will complete CE sufficient to maintain a robust knowledge base.  In order to ensure all CSLPs are competent, the CSLA requires CSLP designees to take an annual assessment.  To maintain eligibility as a CSLP, all CSLP designees will be required to:

  1. Complete all educational lessons that have been released or amended by the CSLA Board of Standards since the designee completed their course study.
  2. Take and pass an Annual Recertification Exam (minimum 70% correct answers).

About the CSLP Annual Recertification Exam

The CSLP Annual Recertification Exam will test designees’ knowledge of statutory and regulatory changes to student loan programs over the preceding 12 months.  Additionally, the exam will retest core concepts of the CSLP course, to ensure that designees maintain the minimum subject matter knowledge necessary to assist student loan borrowers.  The CSLP Annual Recertification Exam is open book and open note, consisting of 25 multiple choice questions.  The minimum passing score is 70% correct answers.  CSLPs are allowed two chances to pass the examination.