CSLP 400 – Advising Case Studies


This course is part of the CSLP Program which is focused on helping financial advisors provide the best possible advice to clients with student loans. Student debt is unlike any other type of debt and should not be treated as consumer debt such as mortgage or credit cards.

The CSLP program is specifically designed for financial professionals who regularly provide tax and planning services.and can negatively impact overall financial goals.

This module presents a series of student loan cases which can help the advisor provide optimal recommendations for a variety of client situations. For example, clients with multiple student loans between a married couple, working in healthcare have a variety of options. Obviously individual financial goals and specifics will affect the advice you provide but these cases will provide important considerations in the client setting. The cases include couples with student loans, health care professionals, teachers, early career professionals, dentists, attorneys, and those with a wide range of income, goals, and challenges. This course will be a resource you will use throughout the year.

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The CSLP 400 Advising Case Studies Module contains over  7 hours of detailed presentations focused on the illustration of some of the most important considerations when advising clients with student loans. This module is a key component of the CSLP Certification. Its focus is on the optimizing their advising process with an eye toward making financial advisors understand the intricacies and nuances of each client’s financial situation, financial goals, and student loan situation.

The Advising Case Studies module walks through different client situations in a variety of occupations, marital status, residency, income, and financial goals. It incorporates the student loan analysis covered in earlier modules and brings this knowledge into actual implementation.

Mastery of the Advising Case Studies module will prepare the professional to accelerate their work with student loan advising.

Each case presents a specific financial situation and the client’s stated objectives. All of their loans are identified, their income, expenses, and goals are also made clear as you would experience in an actual client setting. A detailed review covers the available options and recommendations for potential revisions in their repayment plans. Explanations are provided on why the recommendations are made so you can clearly see the justifications for providing such advice.

Finally, this module helps the financial advisor provide the best possible advice for clients that are in specific occupations such as : Dentistry, Medical Professionals, Attorneys, Nurses, Teachers, or Graduate Students.