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CSLP 400 – Advising Case Studies


This course presents a series of student loan cases as examples of the advising process. Each example provides over an hour of content explaining the process. The cases include couples with student loans, health care professionals, teachers, early career professionals, dentists, attorneys, and those with a wide range of income, goals, and challenges. This course will be a resource you will use throughout the year.

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The CSLP Advising Case Study Course. Over 7 full hours of detailed presentations on example cases that train advisors on how to make the best decisions for clients in specific professions.

The CSLP 400 course includes how to advise these professionals with student loan repayment:

  • 6 additional cases in these fields where one or more clients have multiple student loans
  • Dentists (DDS)
  • Medical professionals (MD)
  • Attorneys
  • Nurses
  • Teacher