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CSLP 300 – Student Loan Repayment in Tax & Financial Planning


This comprehensive course covers many of the essential topics advisors should understand. It can help the advisor create repayment structures to free cash flow, repay student debt, and continue meeting the financial needs of other goals.

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The CSLP 300 course contains the following presentations:

  • Tax considerations, credits and deductions
  • Student loan management in community property states
  • The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and its implication on student loans
  • Student loans and home mortgages
  • Employee student loan benefit programs and the financial advisor
  • Income driven repayment programs and the Direct loan consolidation
  • Financial planning and retirement with student debt
  • Financial planning and clients with business entities
  • Financial planning and the use of insurance programs
  • Best practices for helping clients with student loan servicer issues