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CSLP 100 – Introduction to Student Loan Repayment


The Introduction to Student Loan Repayment course provides the financial advisor essential information on an repayment programs, the elements of financial aid, past and present, the rules for various plan participation. The CSLP 100 course covers the full range of programs available to the student loan borrower and is the starting point to help a financial advisor conduct a thorough client analysis of their existing situation. The course also includes information on past plans that may be active with a large number of consumers.

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CSLP 100 – Course Material

  • The impact of debt and borrowing on education and program selection
  • Analysis of the cost of student loan borrower – on consumers and educational institutions
  • Basic considerations of student loan debt vs. conventional consumer debt
  • Federal repayment plans, participation rules, mechanics, interest, and term guidelines
  • Income based repayment plans and how they differ from traditional time based programs
  • Public service loan forgiveness programs, qualifying rules, and issues to avoid
  • Student loan consolidations and public/private refinancing