CSLP 6: How Meagan Landress grew her financial practice

How Meagan Landress grew her business with the CSLP program

Today we hear a great story from Meagan Landress who had a financial advisory practice in Georgia. She is the first CSLP in the state and doing great things for her clients. Meagan took time to share about her experiences with the CSLP program and how it has positively impacted her work.

Meagan shared her experience with the CSLP Program and how she was a bit surprised at the depth of content. Like many who take the course, it becomes apparent that there are many twists and turns when you work with a client who has specific financial goals AND student loans. The goal is to put the two together and create a long-term strategy that helps the client achieve repayment AND life plans.

Meagan talks about her focus on clients for the long term vs. only looking at potential assets under management. She is a true advocate for student loan borrowers to receive the best possible, well-rounded financial advice.

Topic Highlights

  • Complexities of couples with student loans
  • Building a practice for the long-term
  • The CSLP and Exam – how difficult is it?
  • How long to complete the CSLP course?

Contact Meagan on LinkedIn or via her website. 

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