CSLP Episode 4: A Conversation with a CPA About Student Loan Advising

The CPA and Student Loan Debt

In this episode Jantz and Heather met with Brandon DiPinto, a CPA based in California to discuss some of the common misconceptions about tax filing and student loan debt repayment. 

The problems discussed include:

  • Why CPA should not ignore a client’s student loan debt. This type of debt shouldn’t be treated as a mortgage or credit card debt. 
  • Evaluating student loan debt repayment plans in conjunction with the best tax filing strategy. Why filing jointly may not be the best approach.
  • The importance of having a tax advisor who understands the complexity and options in student loan repayment. 

Transcript to be added.



Episode 4


Brandon DiPinto
Jantz Hoffman
Heather Jarvis

Our guest is Brandon DiPinto, a CPA working in California. Brandon discusses some of the challenges tax advisors have when working with clients repaying student debt. He notes common mistakes that can cost clients in the long-run!

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