CSLP Preview

This short video shows sample parts of several course modules in the CSLP Program. As you will see, the program has content with tremendous subject matter depth. There is a wide variety of visual illustration to make viewing more interesting to follow.

  • Case studies on a variety of client scenarios
  • All about income-based repayment plans
  • Federal loan repayment plans
  • Hardship cases, deferment, forbearance
  • Tax implications of income based repayment
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Rules & Regulations
  • Home ownership and mortgage qualification
  • Private Student Loans and their risks
  • And more are added through the year

See full list here

  • Calculators and tools
  • Client facing forms for easy reference & completion
  • Whitepapers on student loan topics
  • Client worksheets
  • Short quizzes after every module
  • Performance badges for success
  • Scoring helps prepare for the exam
  • Track progress through the modules
  • Online support from program instructors
  • Private CSLP community forum (after passing exam).
  • All CSLP have an advisor profile page for borrowers searching for student loan information

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The CSLP is the only accredited educational program available on student loan advising. No other program has the depth and detail of the CSLP courses and support systems. Start your CSLP and begin building your client base of the future.