CSLP 8: Carli Coyne, CSLP, Centerview Wealth Advisors

Student Loan Financial Planning – Carli Coyne, CSLP

Carli Coyne is an advisor with Centerview Wealth Advisors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She recently completed the CSLP Exam and shares her insights on how the program influenced the success of her work.

Here are the highlights of this CSLP Podcast:

  • Carli was seeking more information about how to advise clients with medical student loans. She notes how many advisors place a focus on this type of client but are missing key elements of how to develop a strong financial plan.
  • How the CSLP program is a continually accessible resource for reference at your fingertips. With some many nuances on student loan repayment, the program and support team make advising difficult situations easier.
  • Carli discusses how the program has added substantial to the value of her practice in knowledge, resources, credibility, and professionalism. Her business has grown as a result of these resources.
  • Carli believes that financial advisors have an obligation to stay on top of all matters affecting the client’s financial plan and student loans are top of mind for so many consumers.
  • She discusses preparation for the CSLP Exam, it’s level of difficulty, and how the case studies were invaluable .
  • The team discusses broker compliance and wonders why its so difficult to get approval for something so critical to the financial planning process.


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