CSLP 10: Ryan Frailich

Ryan Frailich: Consumers with student loans need qualified help

We were pleased and fortunate to have Ryan Frailich join us on the podcast. This episode is approximately 37 minutes.

About Ryan:

Before becoming a fee-only financial planner, he worked as a teacher and then as a school administrator overseeing HR, including recruiting and hiring teachers. Working in HR revealed a lot about the financial lives of employees, and that’s where he got to spark to move into financial advising

“Too many people feel overwhelmed with their finances, always wondering if they’re making mistakes. And too many people who want help are taken advantage of or shut out by our financial institutions.”

Ryan ultimately changed careers, earned a certificate in financial planning from L.S.U., became a CFP® professional, and started Deliberate Finances

In this episode:


Ryan’s web site: https://www.deliberatefinances.com

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