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Heather Jarvis

An attorney specializing in student loan law, Heather Jarvis is known for her robust understanding of the myriad statutory, regulatory, and administrative rules governing federal student loan programs.

Sought after for her sophisticated legal knowledge and accessible teaching style, Heather Jarvis has provided award-winning student loan education and consultation for universities, associations, and professional advisors since 2005.

Heather is a first-generation college graduate. She borrowed $125,000 in student loans to finance her legal education at Duke University School of Law and has practiced public interest law for more than a dozen years.

Heather focuses her professional energy on helping the students and families who rely on debt to finance the ever-rising cost of higher education. She leads efforts to establish and expand student debt relief programs and to inform lawmakers, borrowers, schools, and professional advisors about the intricacies of available debt relief programs

Heather is thrilled by the warm welcome she has received from the financial planning community and delighted to serve as an instructor and board member of the Certified Student Loan Advisor Board of Standards! Highlights of Heather’s recent work include providing advanced student loan education for members of professional associations including AFCPE, FPA, Garrett Planning Network, NAPFA, XYPN.