Hasnain Walji, Ph.D.

Board Member/Advisor

Dr. Walji is an educator, historian, and an author. A master of communications and media usage, his skills transcend into the use of technology to applications in integrative healthcare, capacity development, and behavioral finance. Currently, he is VP of Knowledge Management at TFG Inc., developers of the Financial Strength Builder© Program, a financial literacy training tool. He has authored 26 books on naturopathic medicine that have been translated from English to Chinese and other European languages. As an oral historian of the East African Indian Community that he hails from, he has produced a groundbreaking 2-hour anthropological documentary “The Khojas” spanning the past 600 years of the history of his ancestors. Hasnain’s embrace of technology in advancing learning, be it finance or healthcare, the breadth of his socio-political endeavor in tackling causes of social justice that confront our societies have all been at the forefront of his endeavors to be a change agent. He travels around the world to pursue his passion to enhance interfaith understanding, to make this world a better place for his six grandchildren.