The mismanagement of the TEACH grant program

The Teach program was established to encourage teachers to work in critically important teaching positions. Under the program, teachers can receive grant funding, but the grant is converted to a federal loan if the teacher does not complete the required teaching service or fails to comply with paperwork requirements. Public Citizen, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization,...

Fannie Mae & Mortgage Qualification

On April 25th Fannie Mae released 3 new policies that will affect student loan borrowers. The CSLA BOS was pleased to see that Fannie Mae recognizes the negative impact student debt has on the finances of many who have student loans.

Student Loans and the Trump Presidency

The new administration in Washington may bring changes in how student debt is treated. This post is the first in a series of discussing potential changes to student loans and repayment.

Annual Docs

Every borrower in an income-based repayment program must file proof of income to continue participation.

5 ways student loan gov site is misleading

Today there are more than 43 million people who have student loans, totaling in excess of 1.2 trillion dollars. As the debt loads have increased, so has the number of people searching for lower payments options.

Repayment Complexity

Student loan repayment should be simple. Right? You have the debt, they give you a monthly payment, and you do your best to repay.

Helping Borrowers

Because there are so many graduates dealing with student debt, many companies have surfaced who are preying on this market with inaccurate and over priced pitches.

Over 50 options for repayment

As if student loan repayment wasn’t complex enough, it’s actually worse. Repaying student loans is far than a simple interest 10, 20 or 30 year loan. The number of borrowers who are fortunate enough to have stable,

Amending Your Return

In the course of student loan advising, there might be cases where you would want to considering amending your return.

High Payments and Default Rates

According to a new Department of Education report, Income Based Repayment program participation is increasing. Approximately $1.3 trillion of debt is outstanding and defaults are increasing,
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