October 5, 2018

High Payments and Default Rates

According to a new Department of Education report, Income Based Repayment program participation is increasing. Approximately $1.3 trillion of debt is outstanding and defaults are increasing,

Didn’t finish college?

We discuss student debt on this site and structuring efficient repayment plans. But what if you didn’t finish?

Tax Debt May Be Looming

Student loan borrowers who have loans forgiven may be in for a heart jolting event. Every day we hear radio and tv advertisements about student loan forgiveness.

Is REPAYE Bad For You?

The latest new student loan repayment program (REPAYE – Revised Pay As You Earn) may seem like a great deal but is it really? Borrowers need to be extremely careful and vigilant in understanding the risks and rewards
Teach program mismanagement

Student Loan Ripoffs

Student loan debt places immense pressure on new graduates and can negatively affect their lives well into their future. Student debt impacts the person’s ability to purchase a home, start businesses, and even have a family.

Confusing Loans

Student loans were confusing last year and this year, the confusion increases with new loan programs such as REPAY (Revised Pay As You Earn).

New Educational Program

The CSLA program will be available for financial professionals who wish to advise student loan borrowers with repayment strategies that mesh with their overall personal financial plans.

Starting Financial Aid Discussions Early

Many students and parents have no idea about the implications of the education loans they commit to. In our experience it is rare to hear of any discussion about the repayment options.
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