October 5, 2018

Which IBR ?

Choosing an income-based repayment program can create a lot of confusion. Consumers are more frightened than ever about how to repay their student loans. As a financial professional,

CSLA Foundation

This course is the starting point for creating a new market segment in your financial services business. You receive over 20 lessons covering the wide range of loan programs and they affect your client.

5 ways student loan gov site is misleading

Today there are more than 43 million people who have student loans, totaling in excess of 1.2 trillion dollars. As the debt loads have increased, so has the number of people searching for lower payments options.

Repayment Complexity

Student loan repayment should be simple. Right? You have the debt, they give you a monthly payment, and you do your best to repay.

FINRA – CSLA Recognition

CSLA is pleased to note that we are now listed on the FINRA site of professional designations as seen here.

Financial Advisors Needed

Student loan repayment continues to get more complex and this is creating more financial problems for borrowers in every economic income band.

Pros Need Student Loan Training

As college graduates move into their careers, they usually go through a process of aligning with various professionals such as physicians, attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, investment advisors, and others.

Helping Borrowers

Because there are so many graduates dealing with student debt, many companies have surfaced who are preying on this market with inaccurate and over priced pitches.

Over 50 options for repayment

As if student loan repayment wasn’t complex enough, it’s actually worse. Repaying student loans is far than a simple interest 10, 20 or 30 year loan. The number of borrowers who are fortunate enough to have stable,

Amending Your Return

In the course of student loan advising, there might be cases where you would want to considering amending your return.
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