Bankruptcy and Student Loans

Bankruptcy and Student Loans

This module introduces the fundamentals of statutory federal student loan discharge provisions including Closed-School, False-Certification, and Unpaid-Refund Discharges, Disability Discharge and Discharge Based on Death.

Topic Features

  1. General principals of bankruptcy
  2. What financial advisors should understand about student loans and bankruptcy
  3. The facts about bankruptcy and student loans
  4. How to identify cases that might be appropriate for examination by a bankruptcy filing

Forms, Resources, Documents

Closed Schools Info

  • Latest Government List
  • Student loan borrower assistance


  • Loan Discharge Application
  • Loan Discharge Application for School Closure
  • Loan Discharge Application False Certification
  • Loan Discharge Application False Certification Disqualification Status
  • Loan Discharge Application False Certification Unauthorized Sig Payment
CSLP Program module on bankruptcy and student loans