Meagan Landress, CSLP
Meagan Landress
Designation: CSLP®
Languages: English
Meagan is a bonafide student loan nerd with her own practice, Financial Coach Meagan, specializing in working with individuals starting their financial planning journey with student loan debt in the mix. Getting your personal finances in order for the first time (or once again) can be overwhelming – Meagan’s goal is to bring her clients peace of mind by getting their finances organized, establishing a priority order of next steps, and mapping out the timetable for achieving the goals set.

Business Information

Meagan’s interest in finance started as a Junior in high school while working as a bookkeeper for a fitness facility in her hometown. This role steered her towards studying finance in college at The Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University, where she began her career in personal finance while interning for a boutique financial planning firm in Atlanta. Her internship turned into a full-time job after graduation. Meagan studied and learned the intricacies of personal financial planning for individuals and families to achieve their short, intermediate, and long-term financial goals. An issue Meagan consistently ran into with her clients was not having the proper education and training to advise on how to navigate their student loan debt, nor the platform to be able to properly service these clients who needed more foundational planning help. Meagan started her own practice- Financial Coach Meagan- in March of 2017 with the desire to specifically specialize in helping people begin their financial planning journey with student loan debt in the mix. Meagan was the first woman in Georgia to acquire her CSLP® designation, as a Certified Student Loan Professional™. Her specialized education around student loan debt allows her to guide borrowers through informed repayment decisions, taking into account their full financial situation and financial goals. “I think my passion to help those with student loan debt comes from the fact that many professionals (44+ million borrowers) have student loans as part of their financial picture – often times with overwhelming balances (Over $1.52 trillion debt outstanding). The complex and seemingly ever-changing nature of student loans makes knowing what repayment strategy is best for YOU, very difficult to navigate. 81% of Americans with student loan debt have delayed financial and/or other life-decisions as a result. My goal is to bring peace of mind to my clients and borrowers by helping them gain control of their finances and feel confident in their financial futures.” Outside the office, Meagan serves as Treasurer of the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers (GAWL) as well as President & CEO of the non-profit organization Power Suit Project, Inc. Meagan enjoys cooking, reading, and strength training; when she is not working or volunteering, you can often find her in the gym or cheering for the Atlanta Braves.
Business name: Financial Coach Meagan
Business phone: +16789832282
Focus areas: Student loans, debt, cash flow/budgeting, emergency savings
License: FINRA CRD #6367566; GA License #2943761
Other License: Unavailable




P.O. Box 724593
City: Atlanta
State: GA
Zipcode: 31139


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