Kimberly Weihbrecht
Kimberly Weihbrecht
Designation: CSLP®
Languages: English
Fearless Finance® is a woman founded, fee only, fiduciary comprehensive financial planning firm. Our mission is money happiness for absolutely everyone by providing hourly financial advice virtually, through online meetings and our online and mobile platforms.

Business Information

My objective is to work with my clients on their overall financial picture, including current monthly cash flow (spending less than you earn each month), debt and savings, retirement planning, and goal-setting. I analyze your student loans along with your goals and help you identify ways to meet your short- and long-term goals while managing your student loan obligations. I also complete a full analysis of your accounts, risk management (insurance) and investments as needed.

I do not sell any products, nor do I collect commissions from anyone. I only work on financial planning and I am a fiduciary. I do not manage client investment accounts, but will provide investment and portfolio advice on an hourly basis. I will provide guidance on any financial products or services you might need and suggest how/where to purchase them.

Business name: Fearless Finance
Business phone: 845-803-3994
Focus areas: Student loans, Comprehensive financial planning, Budget & debt management, Estate planning, Retirement planning
License: 7225274
Other License: Unavailable




City: Alexandria
State: VA


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