Joshua Konoff, CSLP
Joshua Konoff
Designation: CFP®, CSLP®
Languages: English, Spanish
Good Life strongly believes that everybody deserves the opportunity to succeed. We use our natural talents for student loan forgiveness to help you achieve financial freedom. We are the industry leaders in Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Good Life’s Certified Student Loan Professionals continuously improve through daily experience. We champion our freedom to inspire and impact our generation. Good Life’s purpose is to help you achieve the good life.

Business Information

I switched from being a nonprofit entrepreneur to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ about 8 years ago. In a moment you’ll discover why. ​ Even though most of my first 11 years in Boston were dedicated to building, leading volunteer events, and creating community, about 8 years ago I started studying to earn my Certified Financial Planner™ certificate. ​ And even though I will continue leading volunteer events, my purpose is now broader. ​ The reason I made the switch: ​ One of my greatest natural strengths is my financial sense. And so I decided to use my talents for finance to help people pursue their purpose, whatever their purpose is. One way to do that is to teach people how to save and make more money. It’s not just about the money. It’s about creating the possibility that people can enjoy more quality time with their friends and family. There’s really nothing more important than that.
Business name: Good Life
Business phone: +16173834761
Focus areas: Student Loan Specialist
License: CFP #263854
Other License: Unavailable




177 Huntington Avenue - 17th Floor Boston, MA 02115
City: Boston
State: MA
Zipcode: 02115


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