Jake Northrup, CSLP
Jake Northrup
Designation: CFA®, CFP®, CSLP®
Languages: English
We provide virtual, fixed-fee financial planning services to young families with student loans that are looking to find the responsible balance between paying down debt, investing for the future, but also experiencing life now. The “work-until-you’re-65” concept is obsolete. Work longer, but doing something you love WHEN you want, WHERE you want and HOW you want in a way that financially supports your dream lifestyle. Why would you ever want to “retire” from that?

Business Information

Hi there!

My name is Jake – I’m originally from Massachusetts, but recently moved to Rhode Island with my wedding planner wife and [cute-but-also-high-maintenance] dog.

I previously worked at a financial planning firm in the Boston area servicing families with ~$5 million+ in net worth which taught me a very valuable lesson. Time is finite, whereas money is infinite.

​We get trapped sacrificing our valuable time in the endless pursuit of earning more money when we don’t know how much money is “enough”. We make unnecessary sacrifices to save for “retirement” because that’s what we’re supposed to do… right? I’d argue no.

And thus, Experience Your Wealth was born. I launched EYW to help clients in their 30s and 40s experience their money throughout their life and not just in “retirement”.

Government and IRS rules are built upon the work-until-you’re-65 concept which is outdated. It’s literally unhealthy to work at 100% your whole life to then one day stop – you need the mental stimulation, social interaction and sense of purpose that comes from work.

The key is to find work you love when you want, where you want and how you want that financially supports your dream lifestyle.

This philosophy requires a creative, untraditional approach to financial planning which I am excited to bring to clients. I know the opportunities and difficulties you are experiencing (as I also go through those myself), but also the path ahead of you as your net worth (and complexity) grows.

I love what I do – seriously, I nerd-out for it. I’ve spent countless hours learning as much as I can about financial planning and being involved in the community. Here are a few ways how:

-Earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) designation
-Earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation
-Earned the Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP®) designation
-Teach Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits at Boston University’s CFP® program
-Lead the NexGen community for the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Massachusetts

When I’m not wearing my financial planner hat, you can find me traveling around the world with my wife. Some of our favorite trips include Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, Iceland, Croatia and Greece (where we got married!).

Dog lovers required, travel enthusiasts encouraged!

Business name: Experience Your Wealth, LLC
Email: jake@experienceyourwealth.com
Business phone: 401-227-7881
Focus areas: Young families with student loans
License: FINRA # 6420463 / CFP # 229684
Other License: Unavailable




City: Bristol
State: RI
Zipcode: 02809


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