Carter Michaelson, CFP, CSLP
Carter Michaelson
Designation: CFP®, CSLP®
Languages: English
Any financial advisor can get you to think about your money. We provide guidance to align your values and finances, giving you the freedom to think beyond your money. We do this through fee-based financial planning. We charge a fee to provide advice and build a comprehensive plan for you.

Business Information

“Many of my clients have talked about how stressed out they are because they don’t have a plan in place. It’s not having student loans that causes stress or anxiety; it is the lack of a plan.

As a Certified Student Loan Professional, I have the skills required to assess someone’s student loan situation, and see what strategies fit best into their comprehensive financial plan. Whether that strategy is paying the loans off as quick as possible, paying as little as possible to maximize forgiveness, or somewhere in between.

It’s important to not just build a plan for your student loans, but to build a strategy for your student loans inside of your comprehensive plan. Your student loan strategy will likely depend on your marital status/possibly spousal loans, your income and how quickly your income could change, qualification for PSLF, if you currently own a home or your timeline for buying one, if you have children/when you want to have children, and much more.

My mission as a financial planner is to lead with education. I want my clients to have confidence that they are making smart decisions with their money. I love working with student loan borrowers because there are immense planning opportunities to save huge amounts of money and pave the way for financial independence.”

Business name: North Oaks Financial Group
Business phone: 651-635-0500
Focus areas: Comprehensive financial planning, Student loans, Investment management, Estate planning, Retirement planning
License: FINRA CRD: 7211013
Other license: CFP: 441913




200 Village Center Dr #200
City: North Oaks
State: MN
Zipcode: 55127


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