Cameron Church, CSLP
Cameron Church
Designation: CSLP®
Languages: English
North Star Resource Group is a financial services firm committed to helping steer our clients on the path to financial security. We can help you fund your retirement, prepare for the unexpected with life insurance or disability insurance, become a savvy investor, develop a sound financial plan, prepare for your child’s college education and much more. Life moves quickly—with the help of a North Star Resource Group financial advisor such as Cameron Church, you can enjoy the things you love to do while preparing and planning for the future.

Business Information

Cameron Church is a financial advisor based in North Star’s Durham, NC office. Working with clients ranging from residents, doctors and dentists to young professionals and career changers, Cameron helps his clients proactively work toward financial security. Before determining the appropriate financial strategy for each of his clients, Cameron prioritizes building a relationship with them in order to uncover their specific goals and needs.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Cameron started off studying medicine due to the direct and tangible impact he believed he could have within the field. However, after witnessing how much those around him struggled to manage their own finances, he decided to switch course. Now as an advisor, Cameron feels passionately on the opportunity he has to bring about a sense of security and well-being to his clients through financial advising. In order to help his clients feel free from the burden of financial stress, Cameron works with them on everything from disability insurance to Roth IRAs to managing student loan debt and more.
Cameron, originally from Charlotte, NC, now resides with his wife in Chapel Hill. Outside of the office, he is involved with CrossFit Chapel Hill, Beta Upsilon Chi Fraternity alumni, the Summit Church, and BlessBack Worldwide volunteering. In his spare time, he can be found working out at CrossFit Chapel Hill, spending time with his wife, traveling, wine tasting, going to the beach, or watching sports.

Business name: North Star Financial
Business phone: +19199082465
Focus areas: Insurance, Retirement, Financial Planning, Student Loans, Wealth Management, Financial Planning for Medical Professionals
License: CRD - 6792969; Insurance # 18582537
Other License: Unavailable




2525 Meridian Parkway Ste 450
City: Durham
State: NC
Zipcode: 27713


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