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About CSLA

The CSLA Board of Standards was established with the mission of training financial advisors to help clients create effective plans for managing and repaying their student loanst. We created the CSLP program and designation to provide an identifiable credential that can be recognized by those seeking financial assistance with student loan repayment. 

The CSLA Institute Board of Standards is a nonprofit organization acting in the public interest to provide specialized education programs to licensed financial professionals who advise clients about student loan repayment programs. Our goal is to help reduce the negative impact of student debt on the long-term finances of borrowers by training qualified financial professionals how to provide accurate advice on student loan repayment management.

Financial professionals such as CFP, CPA, and RIAs may take the training courses and complete a proctored exam to earn the CSLP designation.

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Jantz Hoffman


Larry Taylor, Ph.D.


Heather Jarvis, JD

Director of Instruction

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The CSLP Program is a University Level Course

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