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Our Story

In 2012, the CSLA Board of Standards was established with the mission of elevating the level of service provided by financial advisors to clients dealing with student debt. The CSLP designation provides an identifiable credential that can be recognized by those seeking financial assistance with student loan repayment. In 2016, FINRA recognized the CSLP as an accredited designation.

The CSLA Institute Board of Standards is a nonprofit organization acting in the public interest to provide specialized education programs to licensed financial professionals who advise clients about student loan repayment programs. We seek to reduce the negative impact of student debt on the long-term finances of borrowers by preparing and identifying qualified financial professionals.

The online training is designed exclusively for financial service professionals so they are fully informed about strategies, risks, and rewards associated with the different student loan repayment and forgiveness options. Financial professionals such as CFP, CPA, and RIAs may take the training courses and complete a proctored exam to earn the CSLP designation.

Board Of Directors

Heather Jarvis

Heather Jarvis, JD

Board Member/Instructor


Jantz Hoffman, MBA


Larry Taylor

Larry R Taylor, PhD



Hasnain Walji, PhD

Board Member

Renee M. Snow, PhD, CFP, EA

Board Member

Our Mission

Our mission is to help student loan borrowers create holistic financial plans that incorporate smarter repayment. We accomplish this by providing educational programs to licensed financial professionals.


The CSLA Institute Board of Standards administers the CSLP (Certified Student Loan Professional) program. We maintain a public database of advisors who have successfully completed the exam and have agreed to maintain the required ethical standards of practice.

Continuing Education Credits

The CSLP program includes an option to receive up to 23 CFP continuing education credits. 


The Certified Student Loan Professional Program

A key initiative of the CSLP program is to expand the knowledge of student loan repayment strategies of the financial service community including CPA’s, CFP’s, Investment Advisors, Enrolled Agents and other financial professionals likely to encounter clients with student loans.

We aim to establish a high level of professionalism and expertise in student loan advising for the benefit of student loan borrowers.


Positioning Financial Advisors To Help Student Loan Borrowers

The CSLA board of standards believes that financial advisors are best suited to assist borrowers with their decisions about loan repayment options. Professional advisors can incorporate tax, business, and retirement planning advice into a comprehensive financial plan, while accounting for the reality of student loan debt.

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