The Student Debt Problem

The Student Debt Problem

This lesson provides an overview of the student debt problem and how it has evolved over the last decade. The content of this presentation will be useful to provide the financial professional an understanding of the impacts student debt has on consumers.

It also contains valuable content that can be used in the development of presentations on the problem of student debt and the need for qualified financial advisors with experience in associated consulting.



  1. Identify the elements of the student debt problem and its impact on the U.S. Economy
  2. Understand the magnitude of the problem and its impact on individuals
  3. Understand how the problem restricts consumer financial progress

Forms, Documents, Articles

  • AICPA Study Results
  • The real student loan crisis
  • Education Student Debt and Home Ownership
  • Young student loan borrowers remain on the sidelines of the housing market
  • Young student loan borrowers retreat from housing and auto markets