New Income Based Repayment Plan

New Income Based Repayment

This module identifies and explains all of the present and formerly available Federal loan programs. It will address key areas that may also be relevant to clients with pre-existing loans and their future trajectory.  


Topic Features

  1. Federal student loans have specific eligibility requirements, borrower limits and interest rates set by Congress.
  2. There are many subtypes of federal student loans such as subsidized, unsubsidized, Parent PLUS, Grad PLUS, Perkins, and HEAL
  3. Outstanding federal loans may have originated from one of two federal loan programs:
    1. Federal Family Education Loans (FFEL)
    2. Direct
  4. FFEL and Direct loans have different repayment and forgiveness provisions.
  5. The National Student Loan Data System is an important source of information about federal student loans, including whether a loan originated from FFEL or Direct, subtype of each federal loan, and the interest rate of the loan.
New IBR Program in CSLP

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