Income Driven Repayment and the Planning Process

Income Driven Repayment and the Planning Process

This module provides a structure for integrating student loan management within a holistic financial plan including retirement, insurance, and business ownership considerations. See how student loan repayment can be positively affected by financial planning.


Topic Features

  1. Retirement planning while in IDR
  2. Insurance planning
  3. Goal planning
  4. Tax planning
  5. Retirement income
  6. Business ownership
  7. Entity selection, employment contracts and other business strategies
The CSLP Advising Process

Forms, Documents, Articles

  • Why work with a CSLP ? (Consumer Brochure)
  • Older consumers with debt (CFPB)
  • IDR Plans Can Cost More
  • Graduate Students Escape Tax Increases – Still Feel Targeted (NYTimes)
  • Fannie Mae Gives Home Buyers Struggling With Loans A Break
  • Young Student Loan Borrowers Retreat from Housing and Auto Markets
  • FICO Scores and Student Debt
  • Financial Advisors Risk of Civil Litigation
  • Heather Jarvis’ Student Loan Intake Interview
  • Where to find loan related information
  • NSLDS Loan organizer (Excel)
  • Effect of Student loans on retirement savings