Income Documentation, IDR Enrollment

Income Documentation & IDR Enrollment

This module covers documenting income for clients in IDR plans, sets out procedural and servicing challenges, and offers guidance for navigating the process.  It also discusses the importance of annual income documentation and annual review of repayment plan selection.

Topic Features

  1. Review of forms for IDR request, Direct Consolidation, and others.
  2. About misrepresentation.
  3. About the income verification process.
  4. Most common applications.
  5. Understand the IDR enrollment process.
  6. How to prepare supporting documents for application.
  7. Best practices for the recertification process.
  8. Set client expectations for the bureaucratic servicers.
CSLP Managing the NSLDS

Forms, Documents, Articles

  • A cautionary explanation of Public Service Loan Forgiveness and Taxes
  • Sample data on recertification
  • Employer Certification Letter Introduction
  • Employer Taxable Wages Certification Letter
  • Income Driven Repayment Plan Request Form
  • Direct Loans Consolidation Application
  • Traditional Repayment Plan Request