Income Based Repayment

Income Driven Repayment

This module provides a framework for understanding and comparing Income-Driven Repayment plans. It will detail the features and eligibility requirements of each IDR plan, as well as relevant procedural considerations.

Topic Features

  1. Income-Driven repayment overview
  2. Loan forgiveness associated with Income-Driven Repayment
  3. The legislative history of Income-Driven Repayment
  4. Comparing the various Income-Driven Repayment plans

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Know the eligibility requirements of each IDR plan
  2. Competence of calculating ‘discretionary income’ and monthly IDR payments
  3. Understand the link between IDR and forgiveness
  4. Note the effect of the legislative process on IDR plans
  5. Know the differences between the various IDR plans
  6. Competent to analyze the pros and cons of the various IDR plans for particular borrowers

Forms, Documents, Articles

  • The well off will benefit most from changes to student debt relief plan
  • REPAYE Program Update 
  • IBR program and Non-Profits
  • Health care and education reconciliation act 2010
  • College Cost Reduction Act
  • Executive Order Fact Sheet
  • 2011 Executive Order
  • Ebook CSLA IDR plans