Federal Loan Repayment Plans

CSLP Program module on federal student loan repayment plans

Federal Loan Repayment Plans

This module covers federal loan repayment plans such as Standard, Graduated and Extended terms. Availability is dependent on multiple factors including debt amount, loan type, and status.


Topic Features

  1. Review of federal loans offer many repayment plans including standard, graduated, and extended repayment
  2. Differences between traditional and income-driven repayment plans
  3. Understand why “graduated” and “extended” terms should be avoided
  4. Understand why consolidation loans have longer “standard” terms of repayment

Forms, Documents, Articles

  • Repaying student loans 
  • Standard Extended Graduated Repayment Plan Request
  • Feds Take over student loan program from banks (SF Chronicle)
  • Federal Loans crowding out the private market