Case Studies

Case Studies

The Case Study section of the course is one of the most valuable aspects of the CSLP program course because it gives the financial advisor a holistic view of the advising process where student loans and long-term financial goals are integrated.

The Case Study section contains in-depth analysis of multiple clients of varying age, income, marital status, loan volume/type, and interest rates. In each scenario, the client’s goals and financial concerns are identified and addressed. The study concludes with a clear plan of action for the client that matches their goals.

Topic Features

  1. Identification of the client’s financial position: Student loans, other debts, employment status, etc.
  2. Review of existing loans and status. 
  3. Walk through each of the potential programs. Review suitability and qualifying criteria.
  4. Prepare a scenario for the client.
Case studies in the CSLP program

Forms, Documents, Articles

  • Each case contains a file with the list of loans, types, terms, & interest rate