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The CSLP® Program
Student Loan Advisor Course

The advising training program for financial professionals

If you are a CFP®, CPA,  EA, or other financial advisor, this program has been designed specifically for you. This program will help you gain the essential knowledge to help clients integrate personalized student loan repayment strategies alongside their financial goals and plans.

The program will help you provide accurate recommendations for clients regarding student loan repayment and financial goals such as retirement, investments, and taxes. It will answer those complex questions arising from clients in multiple repayment plans needing advice on consolidations or the best strategy to reduce payments.

The CSLP® Program can be a valuable long-term resource. It equips you with the knowledge to grow your business, reach a wider audience, and foster lasting client relationships. It's more than a course; you'll have long-term support.

Student loan advising course

The CSLP® Program

The Certified Student Loan Professional program is a comprehensive online program structured in four audio-visual learning modules with subsections of over 150 short presentations. Learn the essentials of student loan advising, starting with case intake and assessment to advanced analysis of complex client scenarios.

Through this program, you will gain valuable knowledge that can set your business apart from others.

Adding student loan advising services to your business can open doors for other important conversions relating to broader goals and personal objectives.

The CSLP® program is an extensive study in student loan advising that also includes an ongoing support program to assist in the growth of your business through private forums for knowledge exchange, support Q&A, and practice-building discussions.

CSLP Program Content

4 Comprehensive Courses

Continuing Support Community

  • CSLP 100 Advising Fundamentals, Getting Starting Advising
  • CSLP 200 Advanced analysis using IBR, ICR, PAYE, SAVE, etc.
  • CSLP 300 Specialty Topics, Benefit Programs, Grants
  • CSLP 400 Complex Case Advising, Analysis, Scenario Reviews
CSLP 100

Student Loan Advising Foundations

Introduction to the advising process foundations. Key terminology, direct and non-direct loan types, interest and amortization. Direct and non-direct loan types, the Parent Plus loan, Direct student loan consolidation, capitalization, Federal loan programs, and private loan considerations.
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Advanced topics in student loan advising

Advanced Topics in Student Loan Advising

Topics include advanced IDR, ICR, PAYE, and SAVE programs. Deliquency, detaults, forbearance, forgiveness, and loan rehabilitation. Public Service Loan Forgiveness., and general forgiveness and discharge options. Understanding the associated program rules are essential for effective student loan advising.
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Specialty Student Loan Advising Topics

Specialty Student Loan Advising Topics

Learn the nuances of advising clients with student debt in professions including MDs, Nursing, Dentists, Attorneys, and Education. Understand the many options for grants and forgiveness in these fields. Also, employee benefit programs, insurance, home ownership and retirement planning with student debt.
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Advanced student loan advising case studies

Advanced Student Loan Advising Case Studies

In-depth walkthroughs from initial loan inventory, to assessment of options. Go through the entire scenario review of goals and objectives with comparisions of repayment cost and time analysis. This module is a true-to-life presentation of working as a student loan advisor and planner.
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What Clients Say about the CSLP® Program

Choosing to get my CSLP® was one of my best decisions. I had been helping clients with student loans for about 4 years before I knew about the CSLP program and I thought I pretty much knew it all. Not even close! I learned so much from this program and it has helped me to help so many more people. I have gained many new clients who found me by searching the database on the website. This certification has been a game changer and highly recommend it to all advisors. It does not matter what type of client you work with, almost everyone has a student loan, a child with a loan or a friend with a loan. This definitely brings value to the relationship.
Jennifer Prosise,
Jennifer Prosise
The CSLP® program helped me understand all the complexities of student loans, and more importantly, how to tie them all together. By taking a systematic, scaffolded approach, I was able to go from the basic knowledge I had, to the incredibly complicated scenarios we so often see. This has put me in a position to help millions of clients who are often seeking student loan advice and find there aren't enough advisors with the expertise to help them. I'm extremely happy with the training and the ongoing updates, and would recommend it to anyone who seeks to serve clients who have student loans.
Ryan Frailich
Ryan Frailich, CFP
I thought I had an above average knowledge of the student loan landscape, but I was VERY mistaken. This 4-part course goes into more detail than I could have ever imagined. Benefits of the course include: learning the history behind the various regulations and repayment plan options, understanding how to qualify for various types of forgiveness, and being able to apply the information to various real-life case studies. The final exam is tough, but once completed, you will have the knowledge and confidence to better advise your clients with student loan balances. This course should really be mandatory for anyone who regularly works with clients who have large student loan balances!
Mary Rush
Mary Rush, CFP, CSLP

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Student Loan Advising Services

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The CSLP® program is designed to help you become an expert in student loan advising. It’s a perfect toolkit for CFP®s, CPAs, Investment Advisors, and others working professionally to help the public improve their financial future through better advice on student loan repayment. Read more about the program in-depth.

Become a Certified Student Loan Professional CSLP®

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Certified Student Loan Professional

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